Augmented reality for teaching and learning.


We were thinking of writing a RUSTLE piece on this exciting augmented reality project for learning and teaching that involves the Sussex Special Collections, but as the SCARLET blog has done such a good job we thought we would share their blog with you instead.

Originally posted on AR at Mimas:

Blog post by Rose Lock

 “History is an art; history is a political act; history is a job”. Dr. Lucy Robinson, lecturer in contemporary British history and University of Sussex academic lead on Scarlet+ project.

After a very productive workshop during which Laura Skilton (formerly Shaw), Matt Ramirez and Dr. Guyda Armstrong introduced us to the wonderful world of AR teaching, the Scarlet+ team at University of Sussex met to decide what we are going to do with AR at Sussex.

We were lucky to be joined by Sussex staff members Stuart Lamour, an E-Learning Developer with experience in AR, and John Davies, an Educational Developer, Dr. Lucy Robinson, history lecturer and our academic lead, and a variety of Special Collections staff.

We are working with Lucy to develop an AR application using material from the Mass Observation Project (MOP), to be used as part of her course…

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